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CEAPJ’s Objectives
CEAPJ’s Objectives are the following:
  • Research and Study. The Centre’s lines of work in research material and study is centred on problems related to justice and the judicial process in fields such as the reform of the Spanish Criminal Proceeding or the organic reforms of justice, as well as in the procedural internationalization, in other words, in the harmonization of the civil and criminal procedural law, and the European Union, and the influence of the models of justice in the United States in the European procedural reforms. Other scopes of work, which are the object of special attention, are those of the protection of the underage victim and alternative means of resolving conflicts (ADR).
  • Collaboration with institutions. Aware of the fact that a research group mustn’t limit its extent of activity to the above-mentioned activities, the CEAJP intends to promote the collaboration of institutions and structures, which operate within the scope of justice. This is emphasized with the Judicial System General Council in its facet of responsibility for the initial and continuous training of Judges and Magistrates; the Observatory for domestic violence; the Public Prosecutor, specifically that of minors; and the collaboration with judicial Foundations and other University Institutes and Centres within the framework, for example, studies on legislative initiatives.
  • Training. CEAPJ also proposes the promotion of training in the scope of justice and of process, organizing courses, conferences and initiatives of all types, directed to all Law professionals and Law students interested in studying forensic matters in depth.
  • Assessment. CEAPJ also has the mission of assessment of projects, initiatives, and legislative reforms in the fields of justice and of process.
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