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Geraldo Luiz Mascarenhas Prado

Geraldo Prado was born in the city of Rio de Janeiro - RJ in 1960. He graduated in Law, at the Rio de Janeiro State University, in 1983. He completed his Master’s Degree in Law in 1998, at the Gama Filho University, defending his dissertation on the Accusatory System: the constitutional conformity of the criminal procedural laws, which was later published by the publishing company Lumen Juris and is currently in its 4th edition. He received the maximum mark in the defense of his dissertation. In 2003, he obtained his Doctorate diploma in the same institution, with his thesis on Elements for a critical analysis of the Criminal Transaction in Brazilian Law, also published by the publishing company Lumen Juris and approved by the Judging Commission with the maximum mark and recommended for publication. Both projects were completed under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Afrânio Silva Jardim. He has been a Professor at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (FURJ) since 2004; he is an Associate Professor, level III at the National Faculty of Law, the institution in which he was the Extension Coordinator, in 2010. In the same institution he created and coordinated the Research Group on The authoritative matrices of the Brazilian Criminal procedures, with the participation of professors from the FURJ and from the UNESA and of students and doctorate students from other institutions in the country. He has academic experience in the field of human rights, criminal procedure and systems of criminal justice. He collaborates with various teaching institutions, among them the Federal Universities of Pernambuco and of Paraná, and the School of Magistrates of the State of Rio de Janeiro, Rio Grande do Sul and Federal of the 3rd Region, as well as the *AJUFE (EMAG).  On an international level, he is a member of the International Association of Criminal Law (IACL).  He is also a member of the Association of Judges for Democracy – the Rio de Janeiro section, of the Carioca Institute of Criminology and of the Brazilian Institute for Criminal Sciences (IBCCRIM). Geraldo Prado belongs to the Editorial Council of various specialized magazines in Brazil and internationally, taking part in the Scientific Council of the Magazine of Competence and Regulation, at the Institute of Economic, Financial and Fiscal Law, in the Faculty of Law at the University of Lisbon; he is a permanent collaborator in the Brazilian Magazine of Criminal Science (IBCCRIM). He incorporated the Commission established by the Ministry of Justice to draw up the bill presented by Congress, oriented towards the Reform of the Resources and Autonomous Actions of Impugnation in the Criminal Procedure Code. He is a consultant ad hoc of extension programs and projects of the Ministry of Education and Science (MEC) (2010). In 2010, he completed his post doctorate studies at the University of Coimbra, in the Centre for 20th Century Interdisciplinary Studies, in the area of History of ideas, under the supervision of Professor Dr. Rui Cunha Martins. Geraldo Prado has been a Judge of the Court of Justice of Rio de Janeiro, since 1988.  Prior to this, he was the Prosecutor of the Court of Justice (1985-1988) and he is at the 5th Criminal Court. He administers the blog: www.geraldoprado.blogspot.com.

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