Current projects
Prior projects
Current issues of procedural law (2014 SGR 179). Duration 2014-2016
Legal certainty and effectiveness of justice (critical points on the procedural reforms with the added perspective of compared law) (2013-42159-P) Length 2014-2016
Minors as especially vulnerable victims: Are they the forgotten ones in legal proceedings and in mediation? (Grant awarded by the Centre for Legal Studies and Specialized Training). Duration 2012.
Procedural Reforms: a compared analysis of the harmonization as convergence and remission of civil and criminal procedures (DER2010-15919, subprogram JURI) Duration 2010-2013
Current Issues on Procedural Law (2009 SGR 762) Length 2009-2013
The Criminal Process between Europe and America: A return trip? SEJ 2007-62248 Length 2007-2010
"The protection of the victim in the European Procedural Systems" (No. JLS/2007/JPEN/247). Length 2007-2010
Current issues regarding procedural law (2005SGR 00086) Length 2005-2008
Internationalization of justice and the reform of criminal proceedings (SEJ2004-00266) Length 2005-2007
The reform of justice: some substantial aspects (civil, criminal and of international significance). (BJU-421) Length 2000-2003
The reform of justice: some substantial aspects (civil, criminal and of international significance). (BJU-421) Length 2000-2003

The main objectives were to analyze the need for reforms, already undertaken as far as civil justice is concerned; or frequently demanded as regards criminal justice, which needed, in this later case, others with a wider constitutional significance; or the influence of international law, and, specifically of International Treaties and Agreements in which, as in the case of Schengen or the Tampere Agreements, Spain has taken the initiative; an analysis, necessarily wide and complex, but also necessary and urgent, was required.


Certainly, the three years the project lasted didn’t completely fulfil every one of the aspects mentioned. The basis (solid and seriously devised) was settled to open and consolidate three lines of investigation which are maintained in further projects, which, in its turn, aim at a triple objective: A) civil proceedings and the impact of its significant reform; B) The reform of criminal proceedings and some of its basic issues; and C) The decisive influence of the “internationalization of justice” on these two subjects.


The monographs, a direct result from this activity, were, among others: ARMENTA DEU, El nuevo proceso penal abreviado (the new criminal proceedings abridged) Barcelona, editorial Marcial Pons, 2003,191 pages and OROMÍ VALL-LLOVERA, El ejercicio de la acción popular (pautas para un futura regulación legal) (The practise of incidental action (guidelines for a future legal regulation)), Marcial Pons, 2003.

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